Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet Addie

Hurrah, we have bought our new home. We will be living in Brookline, New Hampshire and hopefully this will be our forever home. Addie has some funny thoughts about the whole home and moving thing. The funny one is that she tells us that she will be moving out when she's 17 to get her own house. I guess if she can afford to buy her own house at 17 that's ok.

The sweetest thing Addie said was yesterday when we were driving there.
Me: We are going to our new house.
Addie: Don't call it that. Call it home.
Me: Ok, we are going to our new home.
Addie: No just call it home not new home.

And anyone who wants to visit is more than welcome. We have lots of space. No pictures yet because I forgot my camera yesterday.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple Picking

Friday morning we had a nice day apple picking in Berlin. The weather was beautiful. The kids enjoyed the crooked little houses and running in the orchard. We sampled 4 kinds of apples and are still working on eating them all up.
Edith was very silly with her apple. It had a long stem which she decided was perfect for carrying the apple in her teeth. "Look Ma, no hands."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Addie has really gotten into drawing actual things. The one that made me laugh was when she described her drawing as, "this is the policeman. He is putting out the fire with his sword. He is crashing the house down." This just made me giggle because policemen don't carry swords and a sword can't put out a fire.

Yesterday we were hanging out in the girls' room. Addie said to me, " I want my room to look like a grocery store." I answered, "How does a grocery store look?" She replies, "well there isn't food lying all around the floor everywhere." Quite true. Grocery stores are probably one of the most consistently tidy and organized places. Addie and Edie's room is not tidy very often, partly because they don't have any shelves. This should all change (crossing fingers) when we move next month. We're not expecting grocery store tidiness, but maybe a few less toys on the floor with some storage shelves. So all you mothers out there, if you want to describe what a clean room looks like just say, "a grocery store."

And now for Edith's antics...

Today my mom and I were at the storage unit sorting through all my paraphernalia from high school. Edith was happily playing in our cars. Climbing all around. I went to check on her and the door started beeping when I opened it! Edith had dug around and found my keys and then stuck one in the ignition! Luckily just the mailbox key. Brian and I had already been talking about how Edith will be one of those kids who tries to take the car for a spin around the age of 5 or 6. We didn't think she would start her attempts so early. Lesson learned: always leave the keys in my pocket when I let Edith explore the car.

Addie being silly in Brian's alien mask and a pacifier.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Addie's first day of preschool. The moms got to go too to help with the transition. Addie was a bit slow to warm up, but enjoyed playing with all the toys.
Before we left to go to school she was dancing around and singing in excitement. She picked out what she wanted to wear and requested that I curl her hair. I guess she knew it was a big day and wanted to look her best.
What a bittersweet moment for her to be off to school. I didn't even cry even though I wanted to. No guarantees on Thursday when she goes without me.

Eric Carle Picture Book Museum

Saturday the whole family headed out to Amherst to see the Eric Carle picture book museum. Addie really enjoyed seeing all the pictures. She especially enjoyed the artwork from Winnie the Pooh. Edith just ran around while I followed her. She only liked the 4 foot tall cake sculpture and that was the only thing that could console her when I took Addie to the bathroom. All of us each made our own painting in the studio. Brian snuck off to the gift shop and bought each of the girls a book while they were playing with the toys. Overall a great visit. Not so great listening to Edith cry and wail on the way home though.