Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Storyland and Caves

The Haynes clan headed up to the White Mountains for a weekend of camping. Unfortunately Brian had a fever and a cough so he did not come with us.

We had a great time exploring Storyland on Saturday and then visiting Lost River Gorge glacial caves on Sunday.

At Storyland the big kids were very into lots of the story props. They enjoyed the Three Bears House, seeing the three little pigs and the black sheep. Addie missed Cinderella because she was at lunch but still tried out her throne. Edith was just big enough to go on all the wild rides. She is 36 1/4 inches tall. She tried out the roller coaster, crazy barn and the raft ride. The poor girl fell asleep in my arms while waiting for the raft ride but didn't seem to mind at all being woken up by spinning and water splashes.

At Lost River Gorge we hiked down many stairs into boulder strewn caves. Each little cave had an entrance and an exit. We had to crawl, twist and squirm our way through. Only the Matterns made it through the lemon squeezer though. I wasn't quite comfortable going through a cave that had a clearance of only 18 inches. Edith was really funny in the caves because she was so happy at being the "littlest" and not having to crawl and bend like the rest of us.
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