Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creativity and Stuff!

The girls have spent the past two days just playing. Playing, playing, playing. What this means is that they take most of their toys and mix them all up and make things (piles) out of them. It is lots of fun for them but a little maddening to clean up when they are finished. What is the most fun for me is seeing how vast their imaginations are.
Here is how Edith dressed herself today. Can you guess who she is dressed up as?
Answer: Mary. I think she looks just like Mary traveling to Bethlehem. Didn't Mary wear a sequined top hat, silver robe, and a cowboy boot bandanna? The girls love pretending to be Mary. They each put their baby in a bin and listen to O Come all ye Faithful. I have to be one of the wise men and bring the baby a present every time the chorus comes on. Presents can be anything I find. After all, with a good imagination anything can become gold, frankincense, or myrrh.

After we cleaned up the giant pile of stuff (see behind Edith), the girls started up again. This time Addie built a tree house in the living room. Lots of kid furniture, some bins, a cradle, and a boot tray roof finish the project off. Her creations are always all lined up, neat and orderly. Future architect?
And it looks like she has made sure to use plenty of bolts so nothing falls apart.