Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art Projects

Today we went to the Annual Shirley Early Childhood Art Fair. There were a bunch of projects for the young set to work on. Addie had fun making marble painting, stamping, and her favorite (and Edith's) making a mask. Edith really enjoyed looking at all the art the pre-schoolers had made. She proudly told Dad what all of the animals were. Then she ran around crazily in her mask.

A few days ago Addie was wondering how paper was made. We watched a video on the computer and then we made our own. Here is a picture of our homemade paper. It was a lot easier and mess free than I anticipated so we will probably do it again.

Last week we headed over to Gramma and Grampa's on a warm day. The pool was filled and waiting for them. Edith got so excited just looking at her swimsuit that she insisted on wearing it over her clothes until we got there. It was a beautiful day and the girls had a blast. Gramma looks pretty happy, too.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Translation Anyone?

I remember when Addie was about Edith's age she said one word all the time. The problem was no one could figure out what she was trying to say. I think it was something like "ziggy." Well we now have Edith's mystery word. It is something like "notchoo." Kind of a cross between "not you" and "nacho." Anyone have any ideas what this means? Edith is quite patient and says it over and over to us while we guess what she is trying to tell us.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Name!

Today is the first day Edith has said her own name. Previously she has referred to herself as "you" or can say "I do it" or "I want." This evening she proudly pointed to herself and said Edie. Hooray!
She has developed some other amazing talents as well. One is that she is a little rascal about her hair. I constantly put up her hair so it is not in her face. She happily leaves it in as long as I am in the room. However, as soon as I leave the room out is comes.
The other thing she can do is find the duck in Usborne books. There is a little duck hidden on each page and Edith can find it and say duck. I was pretty impressed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Observations and Gardens

Brian relayed this story to me.

Addie: Do you like our new door decorations. Aunt Sarah has some at her house. Mom likes them so she got some for our house too.

Well our new door decorations are actually the door knob safety covers. I am getting tired of Mabel accidentally getting out when Addie opens the door. And sometimes Addie likes to leave before I am quite ready. And Edith reaches on her tiptoes to try to turn the knob. It was time.

Another story Addie told Brian.

Addie: Edith kept saying "I want cake, I want cake over and over so Mom made her one."

Well actually today my sister and I were celebrating Mother's Day with our Mom. The cake was for my Mom not Edith, although we all enjoyed it together. If I made a cake every time Edith said "I want cake" we would be up to our eyeballs in it.

This picture is part of the garden Addie and I have planted. We have quite a few plants going and will later transplant them into Gramma's garden as we are not allowed to plant anything outside. We have dog and cat grass heads, snowdrop flowers, 3 beans, a bunch of pumpkins, a bunch of peppers, and a potato. Addie has quite the green thumb. We enjoy cutting our grass animals' hair together. I guess it is time for another trim.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sisterly Love

Both girls are getting better and better at playing together every day. Finally. Now sometimes I can accomplish small task without having to referee every 10 seconds. Addie enjoys reading Edith books and helps her point to things in the I Spy books. Edith loves to whisper "Hi" and have Addie whisper it back to her over and over. Quite cute. Addie has also been helping get Edith dressed some days which all three of us find quite hilarious. Edith also says "I want Addie" over and over again if she feels Addie is not paying attention to her at dinner time. The two are becoming such a loving team. I do wonder what mischief they will enjoy together in a few years though.
Here Addie is making sure Edith has her sunscreen on. The top picture is what I call the "Earth and Moon dance." Edith is the earth spinning in a circle and Addie is the moon running around her in a nice orbit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here are Edith's favorite sentences and words.

10. More

9. Mabel

8. Milk

7. Hello

6. I do it

5. Mama

4. Blastoff

3. No!

2. I want cake.

1. I want Addie.