Thursday, May 14, 2009

Observations and Gardens

Brian relayed this story to me.

Addie: Do you like our new door decorations. Aunt Sarah has some at her house. Mom likes them so she got some for our house too.

Well our new door decorations are actually the door knob safety covers. I am getting tired of Mabel accidentally getting out when Addie opens the door. And sometimes Addie likes to leave before I am quite ready. And Edith reaches on her tiptoes to try to turn the knob. It was time.

Another story Addie told Brian.

Addie: Edith kept saying "I want cake, I want cake over and over so Mom made her one."

Well actually today my sister and I were celebrating Mother's Day with our Mom. The cake was for my Mom not Edith, although we all enjoyed it together. If I made a cake every time Edith said "I want cake" we would be up to our eyeballs in it.

This picture is part of the garden Addie and I have planted. We have quite a few plants going and will later transplant them into Gramma's garden as we are not allowed to plant anything outside. We have dog and cat grass heads, snowdrop flowers, 3 beans, a bunch of pumpkins, a bunch of peppers, and a potato. Addie has quite the green thumb. We enjoy cutting our grass animals' hair together. I guess it is time for another trim.

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Adriana said...

Door decorations! Ha, ha. I laughed so hard. I love Addie's personality.