Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Spring!

Here is Addie's snowman. It has snowed/hailed here for the past four days!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Moustache and a Duck

Addie thought she needed a moustache. Of course she does it in style with red glitter glue of course.

Riding in the car quietly

Addie (loudly): Look! A moose!

Me: Where? Oh those are llamas.

Addie: Pigs! Pigs! Piggies!

Me: Those are cows

Addie: Look all the mommies are walking. (llamas)

Little Edith is enjoying eating toys. She especially likes the easy grip of the atomic duck. She also is being more generous with her laughs. She finds Addie especially hilarious. Who knew repeated fake sneezes and using tubes and tubes of glitter glue could be so funny.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt

Today I took Addie and Edith to an Egg Hunt in Gilman Village. They advertised over 12000 eggs. Looking around there was definitely a lot of eggs. I felt Addie had an improved chance of getting more eggs than last year (one) because of a high egg density, a year older, and practicing bean bag hunting at home. She did actually get a few eggs (7) but was very timid with the crowd of people. I really encouraged her and people were nice enough to tell their kids not to pick up the ones near her. She got 7 eggs! Not bad for an event that took less than 5 minutes. She enjoyed her smarties and her pirate eye patch the best. Next year she can help fend off the bigger faster kids and help Edith get her first egg.
We had a second adventure today too. Addie was in her room for a time out and wasn't coming back out. I went to check on her and realized she had locked herself in! She was a little upset so I told her to read a book while we fixed the door. We don't have a key to open it so Brian tried lots of things: paper clip, bamboo skewer, inside of a pen. Finally he had to just take off the door knob. Addie was very relieved when she could see Dad through the hole as he was working. She was a good helper turning and pushing the knob as Dad instructed. Afterward she had lots of hugs and then a lesson on how to unlock the door.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Making a Card

Addie loves to make cards. Today she had a great time using all things red to make a card. She of course wants to use lots of glitter, ribbon, and stickers. She loves to make handprints too. Today is the first time I let her use glue and she didn't even make a huge mess. (with the glue anyway, we do have a bit of glitter spread around)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Addie loves her friends. Everyday she wants to know which friends we are seeing. She wants to go over to their house or eat lunch with them. We missed out on our Tuesday meeting due to the dentist so we met up with Addie's friend Jack yesterday. Addie is practicing her social skills and tells Jack to share. Addie has also been into having her face painted as well so I brought those with me. Jack and Addie are great buddies. Its so cute when they like to give each other hugs and share toys.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Dentist Visit

Today was Addie's first dentist visit. She did great. She got to ride in the chair that goes up and down, meet Dr. Swanson, and get a new toothbrush. All the dentist did was look in Addie's mouth with the mirror. Addie did great considering she had to let a strange man with weird glasses and a mask look in her mouth. She was apprehensive but took everything in stride.

Brian's comment. It cost $80 to have someone look in Addie's mouth and ride a chair that goes up and down (that's only 50 cents at the mall). Anyways Addie's teeth are great with no signs of plaque. Woohoo! I took just one picture as it clearly made the dentist feel a little weird that I was taking pictures in the first place, but I can't disappoint our devoted blog readers.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a memory!

Well I am always amazed at Addie's memory. Both what she chooses to remember and from how long ago she can remember something. Here are a few that surprised me.

Addie kept asking to eat Cheetos. I don't buy cheetos and I told her I don't have any. She told me that Grandma and Grandpa have cheetos at their house. Too true, I was eating cheetos there when we visited over Christmas.

Today we were thinking about what we wanted to do. I mentioned the Museum of Flight. Addie said she wanted to go to a museum that had balls. Brian asked which one that was. She said the one she went to with Grandma and Grandpa. Yes indeed we went to Kids Quest with them when they were visiting in September.

Thursday I had to go to the dentist so I was dropping Addie off at a daycare center. As soon as we drove up she said "Mom are you going to get bandaids?" What an amazing detail to remember. The last time she had been to the center was maybe in August when I had to get my blood tested, so I had bandaids on my arms when I picked her up.

It truly amazes me the details that she takes in and finds important enough to remember.

I guess we need a picture for today's post. Well all I have for March is pictures Addie has taken. She continues to take some amazing shots of the carpet and my feet. Although here is a pretty decent picture she took of Edith and me.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Variations of Baa Baa Black Sheep

Addie loves to sing. She sings constantly. It is always fun to hear her interpretation of the words of a song as well as her additions. The one that always makes me laugh is "Stinky Winky Woo" (Skidamarink). There is also "All around the Mommy bush." Addie's favorite has to be Baa Baa Black sheep. Here are two quite different renditions. The sweet one and the bear version. Both done on the same day, too. Enjoy.