Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Dentist Visit

Today was Addie's first dentist visit. She did great. She got to ride in the chair that goes up and down, meet Dr. Swanson, and get a new toothbrush. All the dentist did was look in Addie's mouth with the mirror. Addie did great considering she had to let a strange man with weird glasses and a mask look in her mouth. She was apprehensive but took everything in stride.

Brian's comment. It cost $80 to have someone look in Addie's mouth and ride a chair that goes up and down (that's only 50 cents at the mall). Anyways Addie's teeth are great with no signs of plaque. Woohoo! I took just one picture as it clearly made the dentist feel a little weird that I was taking pictures in the first place, but I can't disappoint our devoted blog readers.


nessa said...

awwww. so sweet with the baby doll.

i'm laughing at brian's comment though; that was sort of the first thing i thought, too. heh.

lily hasn't been yet. we were going to take her after she got her second year molars all the way in. they juuuuust finished within the last couple months, so i should really get on that, huh?

grandma b said...

Aww!! Addie looks terrified. I know how she feels. I hate going to the dentist, too. Did Baby Anne get her teeth checked too?