Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Moustache and a Duck

Addie thought she needed a moustache. Of course she does it in style with red glitter glue of course.

Riding in the car quietly

Addie (loudly): Look! A moose!

Me: Where? Oh those are llamas.

Addie: Pigs! Pigs! Piggies!

Me: Those are cows

Addie: Look all the mommies are walking. (llamas)

Little Edith is enjoying eating toys. She especially likes the easy grip of the atomic duck. She also is being more generous with her laughs. She finds Addie especially hilarious. Who knew repeated fake sneezes and using tubes and tubes of glitter glue could be so funny.


nessa said...

Addie's farmyard commentary reminds me of Lily's Mr. Forgetful book. "There's a goose asleep in the rain!" (There's a sheep loose in the lane." Ah good times. This age is so great, most of the time. ;)

ForresterMom said...

I love the moustache and Edith is way cute in her little hat! Of course glitter glue is funny!