Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Ponytail and the Park

We always chuckle when baby's parents put a ponytail in a baby's hair when she is still practically bald. Today I looked at Edith and realized her hair was long enough for a fun new style! Really I just did it for my own and Brian's amusement. We had a good laugh, but this will be her last ponytail until she actually has long hair.

Here are some pictures from the park and Addie's funny story of the moment. Addie was peacefully playing with Baby Aevryn (doll) so I decided it was a good opportunity to do some dishes. When I finished I went to see how she was doing. Well Aevryn must have had a heck of a diaper rash because Addie had put almost the entire container onto her. Her rash is healing quickly and she is preparing for her second trip of the week through the washing machine. Addie is such a good litle mommy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Grocery List

Today Addie said she needed to make a grocery list. I gave her a pen and a piece of paper. This is what she said as she wrote out her list. What a sweet list! We take Mabel to the petstore for her baths so that actually does make sense (until the end I).

Mabel needs a bath

As for Edith, she will occasionally laugh. Yesterday she laughed while Addie was throwing around her toy otter and jumping all over the place.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally.... The Aquarium

We finally made it to the aquarium. Addie has been asking to go for quite some time to see the otters and sea horses. I let Addie take the pictures this time. Here are her best shots. We went straight to the otters which are Addie's favorties. Then she got hungry so we spent the rest of the time eating lunch in the cafe. Addie loved her clam chowder. It was rather busy because of it being President's day so Addie wasn't really able to see a lot through the crowds.
Did you know Addie is amazing? She will build a block tower and then proudly stand up and announce, "I'm amazing." Then of course she will kick it over just like at soccer.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Creation Station

Monday we went to Creation Station. We created some lovely projects from cast off objects. Addie really enjoyed taking all of the different things out of the bins and bringing them to our table. She is still a little too young for actually making anything too elaborate. I had her help me make some shakers and I made her a hat. Edith loved it there too because there were all sorts of things hanging from the ceiling for her to look at. Addie seemed to have fun and enjoys wearing her hat even though she screamed the entire way home about how she wanted to go to the aquarium.

And, here is a picture of Brian with his girls.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Hair Cut

Well Addie has been getting increasingly annoyed each morning when I comb her hair. She keeps saying "stop Momma". It was getting so tangled and was a mess to comb out because it is so fine and curly. Not to mention all the crud she manages to get in it. So today we went to get her haircut. It has been a year since her last one and I think the hairdresser cut off about 4 or so inches! She sat so still, not moving a single muscle. It was a little sad to see the floor covered in her curls, but I suppose they will grow back.

What has Edith been up to? Just being a little sweetie and doing lots of smiling. She also likes to talk and sing. "Eeh, eh, eh, uh uh uh" is her favorite thing to say. She is starting to stay awake now when we go out instead of just zonking out in the sling. Her favorite thing to look at is Addie's wooden zebra.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Addie shows off some new dance moves.

Addie loves to dance. We taught her how to kick her legs. Look at her go. She is also hamming it up for the camera with her cheesy grin.