Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Ponytail and the Park

We always chuckle when baby's parents put a ponytail in a baby's hair when she is still practically bald. Today I looked at Edith and realized her hair was long enough for a fun new style! Really I just did it for my own and Brian's amusement. We had a good laugh, but this will be her last ponytail until she actually has long hair.

Here are some pictures from the park and Addie's funny story of the moment. Addie was peacefully playing with Baby Aevryn (doll) so I decided it was a good opportunity to do some dishes. When I finished I went to see how she was doing. Well Aevryn must have had a heck of a diaper rash because Addie had put almost the entire container onto her. Her rash is healing quickly and she is preparing for her second trip of the week through the washing machine. Addie is such a good litle mommy.


ronessa said...

awww, i like ponytails on babies. aevryn has the serious need for something over here - a ponytail, a clip, a hair cut... something. poor girl constantly has hair in her face.

speaking of baby aevryn (the real-live version)... she DOES have a diaper rash right now. a bright-red, sore teething rash, poor thing. miss addie must be psychic.

grandma b said...

What cuties you have!! Edith is just darling in her pony tail and the sweater her Aunt Nessa made for her. (Nice sweater, Nessa) I am glad to see that Addie still likes going down slides!