Sunday, May 25, 2008

Addie Vacuums

As some of you may know Addie hates the vacuum cleaner. She runs and leaps into my arms when I vacuum. I am glad we have a roomba because she enjoys watching it even though she won't set foot off the couch while it is on. (always good for some sneaky quiet time) Well the other day Addie starts throwing all her toys from the floor onto the coach. She goes to her room to get the skinny vac out and has me plug it in. Then she vacuums. Wow! So maybe our fear of vacuums is decreasing. Which I don't mind because I love having a little helper cleaning up.

Of course she is still not liking all the cows that hang out all over our house so we are working on that.

Our house is a giant disaster area as we are getting packed up. Addie and Trekker are getting along great, but are wearing each other out. It is hard work playing from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Here they are having "cake" at their "party" complete with "salt and pepper." Want to try some? Yummy yum.

Monday, May 19, 2008


We had a great time hanging out at Addie's friend Evan's house for a BBQ. Almost everyone from our original group of Mom's was there plus our additions. The weather was beautiful and the food delicious. It was great to see everyone and the Dads too. We sure will miss all these guys.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Times with Addie and Daddy

Addie's imagination is getting better and better each day. She thinks we have cows that live in the bedroom. She doesn't like them so it is my job to tell them to "go outside to the barn to eat grass." Sometimes we have to make the camels leave too.

I went to see my friends on Saturday so she and Brian got some quality time together. She made him paint her nails and he took her to Starbucks to get her juice and a snack. Because it was in the mid-90's Brian drove her around in the air conditioning. He told me as they were driving she says "my eyes are bleeding." Brian pulled the car over to check it out, as bleeding is bad, especially from the eyes. Then Addie tells him it is just pretend. Relief. So Brian tells her to put pretend band-aids on to fix them and they continue their drive. (I think this came from her getting soap in her eyes and getting her blood drawn last week (she is no longer anemic...yay))

Another example is that Addie is convinced turkey has worms in it. We have been eating turkey sandwiches and she keeps telling me about the worms. I asked her who told her there was worms in turkey. She answered, "Grandma did."

At the Park with Adriana and Omari

My dear friend Adriana and I were finally able to meet up at the park. This was her son, Omari's first time at the park. It was great to see him on the swing. He has the most adorable grin and awesome hair too. Like most Seattle babes he was a little annoyed by the sun. Omari will have his first birthday this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little guy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today I was talking with Addie about Halloween. I asked what costume she would wear. She wanted to put on a red costume. I explained it wasn't Halloween yet. Halloween was just a few days before her birthday. She said, "I already had my birthday." I explained to her that she will have another birthday, in fact many more birthdays. She was speechless and had the best expression of joy on her face. So thanks to all the people who made her birthday so special.

Again Addie surprises me with what she chooses to remember. Today she was crying because she dropped her blue pacifier in the toilet. (and then I threw it away) She has not mentioned this incident at all since it happened in November. Wow, the random nerve firings.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Things we learned this Mother's Day.

1. Addie can not keep a secret. After returning from the store to buy a Mother's Day present with Dad she runs into the house and says "Mom we bought you some M and M's."

2. Restaurants are really busy even if you go at 3:00. (and even then you are supposed to have reservations)

3. Flowers make everyone's nose run except for mine.

We are slowly starting to get ready for the big move. Addie is eagerly awaiting Momela and Auntie's arrival so that they can take her on the plane. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival so they can help me pack a box or two (ok, a whole house full of boxes). I think we now have 4 boxes packed. Only because I found an unpacked box in the closet from when we moved here.

Today's pictures feature the girls after their bath. Addie enjoys taking a bath with Edith. I put the baby tub inside the big tub so they have their bath together. The girls enjoy sharing this time together.

Edith is busy rolling over and spinning all around. She has just started babbling a little with the bah sound, too. The cutest thing though is how she will give you a nice slobbery baby kiss if you ask ger to. Although she won't kiss Brian if he hasn't shaved; smart girl.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sunshine means Playgorunds

Well we haven't managed to do anything earth shatteringly exciting lately. However we have finally had a few nice days and have headed out to the playground. Here are some shots of the girls. Addie is showing off her smile for the camera face: closed eyes and a huge cheesy grin. Edith and I are showing off our cool matching shirts.

Today Edith had her 6 month doctor's visit. She is 14 pounds 11 ounces and 25 inches long. The poor girl had 4 shots. I almost cried, shots are so sad.