Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Things we learned this Mother's Day.

1. Addie can not keep a secret. After returning from the store to buy a Mother's Day present with Dad she runs into the house and says "Mom we bought you some M and M's."

2. Restaurants are really busy even if you go at 3:00. (and even then you are supposed to have reservations)

3. Flowers make everyone's nose run except for mine.

We are slowly starting to get ready for the big move. Addie is eagerly awaiting Momela and Auntie's arrival so that they can take her on the plane. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival so they can help me pack a box or two (ok, a whole house full of boxes). I think we now have 4 boxes packed. Only because I found an unpacked box in the closet from when we moved here.

Today's pictures feature the girls after their bath. Addie enjoys taking a bath with Edith. I put the baby tub inside the big tub so they have their bath together. The girls enjoy sharing this time together.

Edith is busy rolling over and spinning all around. She has just started babbling a little with the bah sound, too. The cutest thing though is how she will give you a nice slobbery baby kiss if you ask ger to. Although she won't kiss Brian if he hasn't shaved; smart girl.


grandma b said...

Wow, Edith is really growing and changing!! What an exciting time for everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Pam's colors said...

Your flowers are beautiful and I am so glad you are not stuffy from them. The girls in their towels are adorable. Soon Momela will be able to deliver lots of hugs and kisses.

Adriana said...

Love the pic of the girls in their towels. So cute!!