Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Times with Addie and Daddy

Addie's imagination is getting better and better each day. She thinks we have cows that live in the bedroom. She doesn't like them so it is my job to tell them to "go outside to the barn to eat grass." Sometimes we have to make the camels leave too.

I went to see my friends on Saturday so she and Brian got some quality time together. She made him paint her nails and he took her to Starbucks to get her juice and a snack. Because it was in the mid-90's Brian drove her around in the air conditioning. He told me as they were driving she says "my eyes are bleeding." Brian pulled the car over to check it out, as bleeding is bad, especially from the eyes. Then Addie tells him it is just pretend. Relief. So Brian tells her to put pretend band-aids on to fix them and they continue their drive. (I think this came from her getting soap in her eyes and getting her blood drawn last week (she is no longer anemic...yay))

Another example is that Addie is convinced turkey has worms in it. We have been eating turkey sandwiches and she keeps telling me about the worms. I asked her who told her there was worms in turkey. She answered, "Grandma did."


grandma b said...

I really don't remember telling Addie that there are worms in the turkey. We did see some worms when we were digging outside but there were no turkeys.
I am so glad that Addie was not bleeding from her eyes -- maybe she was sweating from all the heat you had out there???
The pictures of Addie and Edith and their friends are absolutely adorable!!

nessa said...

way to go grandma! wormy turkeys indeed. LOL

2yo and their imaginations are wonderous things. i love the window into a little one's brain. so random and funny and new.

ForresterMom said...

That is funny about the cows..Jack doesn't like cows either! :) These days tere are skunks getting into trouble at our house!