Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open Farm Day

We have enjoyed eating loads and loads of fresh veggies this summer as we participated in a local CSA. We tried some new ones to us and ate more lettuce than we could have imagined. We will miss our weekly bounty, but now our Tuesdays will be free again.
Today being the last day was open garden. We could walk around the farm and harvest what we wished. At first the girls were not enthusiastic. They munched on cherry tomatoes while I picked beans. Then I looked for eggplant, broccoli and squash. We finally managed to find 2 pumpkins so each girl could have one.
The highlight, other than the goats and chickens as usual, were the carrots. Addie had a blast using the pitchfork to loosen the soil and then picking out the carrots. If I let her she would have harvested them all. She also searched for the very few remaining onions left behind after the tractors had gone through.
Edith of course enjoyed munching her way through the farm. Cherry tomatoes, then a bell pepper, some chives and a carrot, dirt and all. She managed to soak her shoes, socks and coat and shed them all at some point.
Both girls were covered with mud, dirt, and veggies by the time we left. Messy but fun.
Now I have to get busy getting everything washed and stored.