Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a nice day out at my parents celebrating both Thanksgiving and my sister's birthday. The girls were absolutely tuckered out the next day. Edith enjoyed her pie sampler and both girls ate a lot of food.
The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. My favorite is our wonderful families.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There be tall pirates here.

We have noticed that Addie has had a huge growth spurt. Her ankles are getting cold hanging out of her pants. Here she is wearing(for the last time) her favorite hoodie she got this summer. Just look at her wrists poking out! That is a lot of growth in a few months.

Addie is delighted with her face paints that she got for her birthday. She asks to use them almost everyday. We all had fun painting our own faces. Addie made herself a pirate (I helped with the bandanna), Edith had fun making herself a rainbow person (?), and I even gave myself a little crown (with a few green accents from Edith). Addie is showing off her best pirate face, Arr. Face painting also demonstrates how Edith is obviously right handed as she basically just paints the right side of herself.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Artist Addie

Today Addie decided she would draw one of her favorite babies. She tried to trace her head and then had me come help her. Then she colored her in. It was real cute to see her keep picking up Baby Ann to look at her to see what she should draw next. She did struggle with the eyes because brown marker does not show up well on top of brown marker or the same color. The black ring around the eyes is the mouth. Impressive, Addie! What was great is that Addie did all of this without any prompting from me. All I did is supply the requested white pencil for the eyes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Birthdays and Halloween

Well Birthday Bonanza has come and gone. We enjoyed a great visit with all of Brian's family. Lots of fun and a little bit of work getting our house in an unpacked state. Thank you to Gloria and Leith for all of their help unpacking, shopping, and driving our stuff around. I made 4 cakes in 6 days and surprisingly enough we only have a half cake left.

On Halloween morning the entire Butler family went to the Davis Megamaze in Sterling, MA. We had a great time solving the maze and enjoying the various activities within. We ended up leaving at the halfway point because Addie and Lily were plumb tired. After a nice lunch we headed home and started carving pumpkins. We had to work in shifts because 12 pumpkins cannot be carved simultaneously. Then it was time for trick or treating. We went to a small subdivision next to us and hit about 8 houses, the perfect number for our little ones. Edith wore her Thomas costume for the picture only and then wore a Santa hat for collecting candy. Addie was Dora the Explorer. She was funny because she was confused about how her costume could possibly be made from her real clothes. I had to explain that Dora is a girl just like her and wears normal clothes. We spray painted her hair black and she was ready to go. It was fun to have the cousins to go along with the girls.

Grandma and Grandpa had a cousins sleepover at their hotel. The three girls had a blast, staying up late and giggling. I had fun going to bed early.

The grand finale was Addie's first concert, The Wiggles. We dressed her up in a pink shirt that read "I'm the Pink Wiggle." Addie asked that morning if she had to go on stage because she was the pink wiggle. Very cute. She did great at the concert although was a little nervous for the first half. She was in total disbelief when the first Wiggle came on stage. She seemed surprised that they were actually real people not just people in the computer. All in all a great concert although Addie complained it was a little long. We came home and had one of Addie's favorite foods for her birthday dinner, Campbell's Dora soup. Addie was exhausted and insisted on finishing her second bowl of soup before blowing out her candle. Then she didn't even finish her cake and just wanted to go to bed.