Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What to do with stained shirts.

Someday I might learn my lesson and not buy the girls white shirts. In the mean time I am figuring out what to do with stained shirts. I got a tie dye kit and the girls and I each made two shirts, one new and one old stained one. Since this was a project that could easily become a disaster we did this outside and enforced the only one person at a time rule. It worked out great. No other clothes were stained in the process.
We had so much fun I could make tie die shirts all the time. Watch out relatives, you might get tie dyed sweaters and socksfor Christmas presents.
Here are one set of results.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun on Purpose

I was reading an article about fun and thinking about what your 10 year old self liked to do. Other than read I don't really remember what I liked. It did get me thinking of something fun to do with the girls. Both of them love to paint and often paint their bodies instead of paper. It was a beautiful day so we all put on our swimsuits and had fun painting our bodies.

Edith was totally shocked that we were doing this. She has heard from me many times "paint the paper not yourself." She finally got into it and painted herself orange. Immediately after she was done she was ready to wash it off.
Addie immediately loved this idea. I spotted her back with all colors and she went to work on her arms and legs. She really got into the activity and didn't worry about drips, or spatter, her swimsuit, or washing herself off.
I enjoyed giving myself polka-dot legs. They might be the next fad, you never know. Of course we all had just as much fun washing it off in the hose.
note: purple "washable" tempera paint leaves behind a pink shadow immune to soap and sugar scrubs for several days

Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Projects and Ecotarium

The girls and I had fun creating our own fashion pictures. I tore out a bunch of pictures of glamorous gals from magazines and we started stamping mustaches on them. Then we gave them crazy clothes and tattoos with markers. Best use of a fashion magazine yet.

Last week we headed to the Ecotarium in Worcester. As usual the kids enjoyed themselves. Sarah was the most pleased as they had an exhibit on turtles. The kids enjoyed playing on the outside climbing structures. The highlight was the otters. The last few times we have been the otters had been hiding so it was lots of fun seeing them swim and play.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Addie's graduation ceremony was lovely. The kids all sang their songs and recited their rhymes. All the kids were confident and projected their voices. I even managed not to cry. Get ready Kindergarten here they come.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

The girls woke up and put on their new Easter dresses before coming down stairs. They looked beautiful and their little faces glowed with happiness. Edith immediately saw her basket and carefully took out each item and inspected it. Addie happily looked on. Edith proceeded to find one egg and then Addie wandered off and made us an Easter card. Edith spotted Addie's basket across the room and then Addie finally ran to get it. She also carefully took out each item and studied it. The girls tried wandering off to play. Brian kept suggesting that they should look for their eggs. After they each found a few they stopped looking. We had to keep telling them over and over to keep looking. A half and hour later with some hints to Edith the eggs were finally all found. Nothing like the two minute mad dash we expected. Everything was slow, peaceful and filled with giggles. (and Brian threatening to go back to bed because it took so long.) I am sure it will change as they get older so it was nice to see their attitude to be content with just a few eggs. No competition, just enjoying the moment.
Here Edie shows off some of her loot. New crocs, new socks, and new shades.
After a quiet morning we headed over to Sarah and Jesse's and enjoyed a nice Easter dinner.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tea Party

We invited some of our friends over for a fancy tea party. Addie had a fabulous time helping to get everything ready. We laid out the lace table cloth and got out some fancy teacups for everyone to use. Addie and I had fun creating place cards for everyone and then Addie spent quite a bit of time choosing where each person would sit.
Once everyone arrived we decided to have juice tea. I think the girls just guzzled down their juice, chomped their muffins, and then ran off to play. The mothers had a more leisurely time. Overall a nice afternoon with friends.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Fun

How exciting to have a snow day. Over 18 inches of snow. Both girls had a fabulous time playing and trying out their new shovels. Lots of snow was eaten and lots of fun was had. Edith did have some trouble walking as the snow is up to her waist.