Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

The girls woke up and put on their new Easter dresses before coming down stairs. They looked beautiful and their little faces glowed with happiness. Edith immediately saw her basket and carefully took out each item and inspected it. Addie happily looked on. Edith proceeded to find one egg and then Addie wandered off and made us an Easter card. Edith spotted Addie's basket across the room and then Addie finally ran to get it. She also carefully took out each item and studied it. The girls tried wandering off to play. Brian kept suggesting that they should look for their eggs. After they each found a few they stopped looking. We had to keep telling them over and over to keep looking. A half and hour later with some hints to Edith the eggs were finally all found. Nothing like the two minute mad dash we expected. Everything was slow, peaceful and filled with giggles. (and Brian threatening to go back to bed because it took so long.) I am sure it will change as they get older so it was nice to see their attitude to be content with just a few eggs. No competition, just enjoying the moment.
Here Edie shows off some of her loot. New crocs, new socks, and new shades.
After a quiet morning we headed over to Sarah and Jesse's and enjoyed a nice Easter dinner.

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