Friday, February 26, 2010

Tea Party

The girls have been keeping me busy, busy, busy because they were sick for a week. They were finally starting to get mostly better but a little stir crazy so I set up a little tea party for them while they napped. When they woke up we each donned a fun hat and sat down to a nice tea party. Well lemonade and cupcakes. Addie was a pirate and Edith and I each wore one of my Gramma Haynes' hats. Fun. Addie has already asked if we can do it again.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

After a morning of school Addie and Trekker were given free time. Usually they run around and make lots of noise. Today both were not feeling great and this is what they did. Snuggle and read together.
Our topic of the day was water. Here are the girls trying out their ice skaters. Everyone colored a craft stick. Then we froze it in some water and pushed the skaters around the floor. It was fun. Although a little gross when Edith decided hers was a Popsicle and started licking it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toaster Heads

This morning I was just coming downstairs and I was hearing lots of giggles and laughter. Here is why. Apparently I had two little "toasters" running around toasting hotdogs.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ski Weekend

This past weekend we headed out to Vermont for a ski weekend with Brian's family. We had an awesome time. The rental shop had skis small enough for Edith even though she is a tad small for skiing. So we all got to hit the slopes or should I say bunny hill.
Addie did great skiing between Brian's and Uncle Nathan's skis. She even got to experience the big chair lift and head down a big hill with Brian. She laughed the entire way down. The biggest obstacle is that Addie absolutely hates the wind and when it gets a little blustery she gets panicky. So the second day she just wanted to stay inside.
Edith was very excited about her boots. She was racing all around in them. Then we put her skis on. After being slid across the snow for about 6 feet she yelled, "take them off." Not a good start. The boots were fabulous, but I guess skis were quite scary. The following day we thought we would have her try the magic carpet. She did like going up that and then Grandma just skied down carrying Edith. Edith liked that so we tried again with her skis on. Success. Skiing is actually fun. We think the problem was that she just didn't really know what skiing was. She had all the adults taking turns taking her down the bunny hill and had a blast.
Brian and I even got in a few runs ourselves and the fresh air and exercise felt wonderful. We had a wonderful time enjoying our family. The girls also got to enjoy the splash pool each day. Needless to say they were exhausted from swimming and skiing each night.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera! So no pictures!
And we must not forget one of the highlights of the trip. Grampa Leith introduced the girls to the word "scumbag". So the girls happily chatter and sing about scumbags now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Picture Posers

Today I wanted to take a nice picture of the girls to make a Valentine with. Addie is great at posing, cute looks, nice smiles and all of that. Edith on the other hand wiggles about and only shows her cheesy squinty eyed camera grin. I do have a trick for Edith to actually have a normal face which is to have the girls yell Grandma or Grandpa because that always makes them smile.
Here is one of the pictures. Addie is trying to make Edie pose with teddy bears and smile. Edith has other ideas and is elbowing the bears away from her. We did get a nice picture but you will have to wait for your Valentine to see it.