Monday, June 30, 2008


Addie really like moustaches. Not necessarily on other people, but on herself. She is always giving herself moustaches. She will use glue, glitter, paint, food, or whatever else works. Today I decided we would make her a moustache. I just cut out a piece of note card and colored it for her. Then we looked in the mirror together. She loved her moustache. My marker choice was poor though as the blue got on her face. I think we will make her a nice moustache collection so she can have the appropriate one for any situation.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun fun fun

Yesterday we enjoyed a nice time at the DCU family fun day. The kids enjoyed face painting, golf, balloon animals and cotton candy. They each came home with some loot so now Addie has a bank to put money in. Too bad she doesn't have any money. Her balloon is a monkey on a tree with bananas. It is huge, she can stand under the tree.

And today Edith really wanted a stuffed soccer ball so she CRAWLED. Yay Edith! Addie and I cheered her on. Hopefully this will stop her from crawling in her sleep so I can get some sleep myself.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old Friend

We met up with one of my hgh school buddies to go to Davis Farmland with her little ones. We all had a nice time. The kids espacially enjoyed the water fun area. We saw goats again and Addie loved all the little ones. (She in fact was yelling at a big goat to get out of her way so she could take a picture of a baby goat. The picture turned out to be of the roof of the goat house.) She got to pet bunnies, goats, and brand new lambs. All the kiddos were also impressed by the peacocks. Both the regular and the albino one were cooperative and spread their feathers for us. I pet the alpaca, cow and llamas.

I think this is the last farm I know about so this might be the last post involving goats. Who knows what I will come up with next.

Here is Jessica posing with Edith.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kite Festival

We enjoyed a nice afternoon at the Clinton Kite Festival.  Addie got all kinds of goodies:  pinwheel, button, and a tattoo.  She got to make her own kite too.  There wasn't much of a wind so her kite only flew for about a minute.  She really enjoyed watching the several kites that did manage to get airborne.  Another highlight for Addie was that she got to pee in a honey bucket (port-a-potty).  Last summer when we went to the tugboat festival she watched me go into one.  Since then she has been fascinated by them and always yells out Honey Bucket whenever we drive by one.  

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tougas Farm

This week we went up to Tougas Farm to enjoy their playground and feed the goats. The playground of course was a big hit. Edith enjoyed the baby swing immensely. Addie at first was timid around the goats as she usually is aroudn animals, standing 15 feet away. She did finally warm up to them and actually fed them and let them give her goat kisses. Hooray. It is nice she is overcoming being so scared of animals any bigger than a bunny.

Edith is trying really hard to learn how to crawl. She works on it in her sleep and wakes herself up. Another week or two and I think we better watch out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old Sturbridge Village

We spent Sunday celebrating Father's Day and my mom's birthday by going to Old Sturbridge Village. We all had a lot of fun. There were stagecoach rides, sheep shearing and a yummy brunch. Addie apparently is afraid of sheep shearing because as I was holding her up to watch she covered her eyes like I do during scary movies. She did love the cows and pigs though.

Unfortunately the cows have made the trip from Issaquah. We have had only one sighting so hopefully they don't like it here and go back.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Today at dinner we were trying to teach Addie how to tell a joke. I taught her

Q: What's a pirate's favorite letter?
A: Aarrrrrr

Ha ha. So she repeats it a few times and then makes up her own joke.

Q: What does a camel say on a bus?
A: Spit spit.

Each time she tells it she laughs and says "that is a funny joke." The best part however is that each time she says "that was a funny joke" Edith looks at her and gives the biggest belly laugh. It is usually difficult to get Edith to laugh without tickling her. Maybe we just need to be telling her bad jokes over and over. It works for Addie every time. Or maybe Edith is just being a very supportive little sister, laughing at big sister's bad jokes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Beach

This morning I told Addie we were going to the beach. This was not a good idea. I told her at 6 am and we weren't even leaving until 11:30, She was so excited she could not control herself. She was too busy being excited to get dressed normally, walk, etc. The funniest was when we were driving back from the store and I hear in the back something like this. "No, no, feet you have to behave. Stop being naughty, feet. No, feet, no. Don't be naughty." Apparently her feet were wiggling, kicking the seat and wanting to take their shoes off, but Addie kept them in line so they could still go to the beach with us.

The beach was great although Addie was intimidated by the waves. I realized she had never been in the ocean before. Edith wasn't too happy about getting her feet wet either. Addie and Trekker also sighted several whales while we were there as well.

Pictures to follow as they are on my sister's camera, or check out the peanut link.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Meeting Uncle Jesse for the first time. Hmmm. Don't hand a tired baby to a stranger.

Addie making muffins.
Playing dressup. Maybe Addie does look a little bit like me after all.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're not in Isaquah anymore

We have now been gone a week. So far everyone seems to be doing ok. I am finally over jet lag and Addie is sleeping great.
Edith, on the other hand, has mastered the power nap. Falling sound asleep complete with splayed arms. Waiting 10 seconds. Opening eyes and giving a big grin. Being completely awake and alert for the next few hours.

Edith who last month didn't care at all about eating is now loving it. She talks, grunts, smiles, and flails her legs when she knows food is coming. She is a big fan of sweet potatoes and likes carrots, too.

Addie has been asking about seeing her friends, but is doing great with the transition. Luckily Trekker is considered one of her friends and she gets to see him quite often. She also was very disappointed when we were driving around today that there were no paragliders. She asked if they were at work (that's where I claim they are when they aren't in the sky). I told her there are no paragliders in Boylston. She said "Mom, we are not in Boylston, we are in the car."

And finally a funny story. Addie starts grunting and grunting. I ask her what she is doing. She tells me, "getting Edie out." I question her again, "getting Edie out?" She says "yah mom, out of my tummy." Apparently she was in the middle of giving birth to Edie. Random and funny.