Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old Friend

We met up with one of my hgh school buddies to go to Davis Farmland with her little ones. We all had a nice time. The kids espacially enjoyed the water fun area. We saw goats again and Addie loved all the little ones. (She in fact was yelling at a big goat to get out of her way so she could take a picture of a baby goat. The picture turned out to be of the roof of the goat house.) She got to pet bunnies, goats, and brand new lambs. All the kiddos were also impressed by the peacocks. Both the regular and the albino one were cooperative and spread their feathers for us. I pet the alpaca, cow and llamas.

I think this is the last farm I know about so this might be the last post involving goats. Who knows what I will come up with next.

Here is Jessica posing with Edith.

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