Monday, June 30, 2008


Addie really like moustaches. Not necessarily on other people, but on herself. She is always giving herself moustaches. She will use glue, glitter, paint, food, or whatever else works. Today I decided we would make her a moustache. I just cut out a piece of note card and colored it for her. Then we looked in the mirror together. She loved her moustache. My marker choice was poor though as the blue got on her face. I think we will make her a nice moustache collection so she can have the appropriate one for any situation.


nessa said...

the way you made that moustache (pronounced "moose-tache" of course), it makes it look photo-shopped into the picture. it's funny, and random, that Addie is so into moustaches.

ForresterMom said...

weird. Who do you know with a moose-tache? I like the way she is admiring herself!