Thursday, July 10, 2008


We spent a week in Maine at my parents house. It was quite nice. I got my seafood fix and Addie immersed herself in lots and lots of sand. We went to the beach numerous times, took a few walks/hikes and picked some wild blueberries. Edith put her feet in the Atlantic for the first time and also enjoyed the sand. She loved to touch it and eat it.

We all went to Bar Harbor to enjoy the fireworks. Addie did really well but after 15 minutes thought that was enough and didn't bother watching them anymore. Edith stayed up to see them as well. She loved every minute of them even though she was exhausted.
I really noticed how Addie was trying very hard to learn some new words while we were there. She kept practicing and repeatedly asking us about bouys. Now she knows (maybe) about bouys, kayaks, mussels, and some other things.

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Anonymous said...

Addie looks so grownup!! I miss you all.