Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blueberry Picking

Today we took my mom blueberry picking at Nourse Farm. We picked 7 pounds of berries. Not counting of course the amount Addie ate as she picked. We picked for about 15 minutes before I thought to check Addie's bucket for berries. Of course it was completely empty. After a lot of encouragement Addie finally put some in her bucket. (of course her belly was probably full by then) I plan to make blueberry buckle this afternoon after naptime.


grandma b said...

Hi, Ronessa, Lily, Aevryn and I just went cherry picking yesterday. Lily loved it. She was covered in cherry juice by the time we got done. Even Aevryn picked some cherries off the tree. We thought they should have weighed us all before and after to get the full price for all the cherries we ate!!

Nessa said...

hah, i was just going to post about our cherry adventure. :) i've got the outfits the girls and i were wearing soaking as we speak.