Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Edith

Well Edith is now 10 months old! She constantly wants to pull up and walk, even in her sleep. This means lots of night waking again. She also loves to eat, eat, eat. She has yet to have any teeth, but wants to feed herself. This is a bit of a dilemma as there are not many things I feel comfortable giving her. She gets frustrated after just a few bites of baby food. So the girl eats lots and lots of cheerios and peas. Have no fear, the left over baby food is not wasted. Addie always begs for Edith's leftovers. Here are some pictures of the girl. Please click on the last blog listed to the right to see the rest, they are all wonderful.

New England Wildflower Garden

This week for our weekly "Trekker Day" we visited the New England Wildflower Garden. They had a special Big Bug exhibit. The bugs were huge wooden sculptures crafted from found wood. They were absolutely gorgeous. I recommend this exhibit. The walk was a perfect length for the kiddos and the bugs were enjoyed by everyone. The scent of the woods was absolutely lovely as well.

Friday, August 22, 2008


We spent a nice long weekend visiting Nate and Casey along with Brian's parents. We had a nice hike up snake mountain listening to Addie talk the entire way (about 3 hours). Of course we shared it with numerous mosquitoes. The poor girls each had over 50 bug bites apiece when I counted them the next day. This was Addie's last ride in the backpack. Brian said his shoulders were sore and she is only a pound or two shy of the weight limit. Its too bad because she loves riding.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well we now have a place to live and all of our stuff. Now we just have to unpack a whole lot of boxes. The girls' room is pretty well set up.

Today Addie and I were discussing owls. We talk about how they are nocturnal and what they eat. I said they eat mice. She said the the mice will say "why are you eating me?" I decided I didn't want to get into a discussion on carnivores so I left it at that.