Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well we now have a place to live and all of our stuff. Now we just have to unpack a whole lot of boxes. The girls' room is pretty well set up.

Today Addie and I were discussing owls. We talk about how they are nocturnal and what they eat. I said they eat mice. She said the the mice will say "why are you eating me?" I decided I didn't want to get into a discussion on carnivores so I left it at that.


ForresterMom said...

Jack saw these pics and asked if you lived at the park. I want to eat Edith's chunky monkey arms. She looks delicious!

Adriana said...

Who is this baby girl in the cute new sling? Miss you guys!

Adriana said...

Addie is so good at swinging on her own. She's flying!