Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Beach

This morning I told Addie we were going to the beach. This was not a good idea. I told her at 6 am and we weren't even leaving until 11:30, She was so excited she could not control herself. She was too busy being excited to get dressed normally, walk, etc. The funniest was when we were driving back from the store and I hear in the back something like this. "No, no, feet you have to behave. Stop being naughty, feet. No, feet, no. Don't be naughty." Apparently her feet were wiggling, kicking the seat and wanting to take their shoes off, but Addie kept them in line so they could still go to the beach with us.

The beach was great although Addie was intimidated by the waves. I realized she had never been in the ocean before. Edith wasn't too happy about getting her feet wet either. Addie and Trekker also sighted several whales while we were there as well.

Pictures to follow as they are on my sister's camera, or check out the peanut link.

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