Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tougas Farm

This week we went up to Tougas Farm to enjoy their playground and feed the goats. The playground of course was a big hit. Edith enjoyed the baby swing immensely. Addie at first was timid around the goats as she usually is aroudn animals, standing 15 feet away. She did finally warm up to them and actually fed them and let them give her goat kisses. Hooray. It is nice she is overcoming being so scared of animals any bigger than a bunny.

Edith is trying really hard to learn how to crawl. She works on it in her sleep and wakes herself up. Another week or two and I think we better watch out.

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ForresterMom said...

was it beecause the goats are smaller than cows and sheep? I LOVE Edith's Laura Ingalls hat.