Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun on Purpose

I was reading an article about fun and thinking about what your 10 year old self liked to do. Other than read I don't really remember what I liked. It did get me thinking of something fun to do with the girls. Both of them love to paint and often paint their bodies instead of paper. It was a beautiful day so we all put on our swimsuits and had fun painting our bodies.

Edith was totally shocked that we were doing this. She has heard from me many times "paint the paper not yourself." She finally got into it and painted herself orange. Immediately after she was done she was ready to wash it off.
Addie immediately loved this idea. I spotted her back with all colors and she went to work on her arms and legs. She really got into the activity and didn't worry about drips, or spatter, her swimsuit, or washing herself off.
I enjoyed giving myself polka-dot legs. They might be the next fad, you never know. Of course we all had just as much fun washing it off in the hose.
note: purple "washable" tempera paint leaves behind a pink shadow immune to soap and sugar scrubs for several days

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