Sunday, May 25, 2008

Addie Vacuums

As some of you may know Addie hates the vacuum cleaner. She runs and leaps into my arms when I vacuum. I am glad we have a roomba because she enjoys watching it even though she won't set foot off the couch while it is on. (always good for some sneaky quiet time) Well the other day Addie starts throwing all her toys from the floor onto the coach. She goes to her room to get the skinny vac out and has me plug it in. Then she vacuums. Wow! So maybe our fear of vacuums is decreasing. Which I don't mind because I love having a little helper cleaning up.

Of course she is still not liking all the cows that hang out all over our house so we are working on that.

Our house is a giant disaster area as we are getting packed up. Addie and Trekker are getting along great, but are wearing each other out. It is hard work playing from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Here they are having "cake" at their "party" complete with "salt and pepper." Want to try some? Yummy yum.


ForresterMom said...

I hope she vacuums up after all those cows have been hanging around!

nessa said...

This cow aversion is very interesting. Any ideas where it came from?

grandma b said...

Maybe you could leave those cows in Issaquah when you move??

ForresterMom said...

I'm sure you had to leave the cows. There couldn't possibly have been room in your suitcase!