Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today I was talking with Addie about Halloween. I asked what costume she would wear. She wanted to put on a red costume. I explained it wasn't Halloween yet. Halloween was just a few days before her birthday. She said, "I already had my birthday." I explained to her that she will have another birthday, in fact many more birthdays. She was speechless and had the best expression of joy on her face. So thanks to all the people who made her birthday so special.

Again Addie surprises me with what she chooses to remember. Today she was crying because she dropped her blue pacifier in the toilet. (and then I threw it away) She has not mentioned this incident at all since it happened in November. Wow, the random nerve firings.

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grandma b said...

Isn't it amazing the knowledge that we take for granted and don't even remember learning -- like having a birthday every year!!!! I am glad that Addie has learned about having birthdays and that she will not be 2 years old forever!