Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Hair Cut

Well Addie has been getting increasingly annoyed each morning when I comb her hair. She keeps saying "stop Momma". It was getting so tangled and was a mess to comb out because it is so fine and curly. Not to mention all the crud she manages to get in it. So today we went to get her haircut. It has been a year since her last one and I think the hairdresser cut off about 4 or so inches! She sat so still, not moving a single muscle. It was a little sad to see the floor covered in her curls, but I suppose they will grow back.

What has Edith been up to? Just being a little sweetie and doing lots of smiling. She also likes to talk and sing. "Eeh, eh, eh, uh uh uh" is her favorite thing to say. She is starting to stay awake now when we go out instead of just zonking out in the sling. Her favorite thing to look at is Addie's wooden zebra.


grandma b said...

Wow, what great pictures of the girls!!! Addie looks too grown up with her new haircut.

ronessa said...

ooooh i'm so psychic (re: my earlier comment)!!

VERY VERY cute. LOVING the barretts.

Gramma H said...

Oh! They are so beautiful!!I just want to hope in the picture and give them lots of loves..