Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Creation Station

Monday we went to Creation Station. We created some lovely projects from cast off objects. Addie really enjoyed taking all of the different things out of the bins and bringing them to our table. She is still a little too young for actually making anything too elaborate. I had her help me make some shakers and I made her a hat. Edith loved it there too because there were all sorts of things hanging from the ceiling for her to look at. Addie seemed to have fun and enjoys wearing her hat even though she screamed the entire way home about how she wanted to go to the aquarium.

And, here is a picture of Brian with his girls.


Pam said...

Edie you look your Dad in this picture and Addie is looking more like a blond Mom--hee hee!!! I love the new hat and what fun.

Gloria said...

I agree, Edith does take after Brian. Her eyes are looking darker. Are they turning brown? I love Addie's haircut and what a gorgeous hat!!