Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally.... The Aquarium

We finally made it to the aquarium. Addie has been asking to go for quite some time to see the otters and sea horses. I let Addie take the pictures this time. Here are her best shots. We went straight to the otters which are Addie's favorties. Then she got hungry so we spent the rest of the time eating lunch in the cafe. Addie loved her clam chowder. It was rather busy because of it being President's day so Addie wasn't really able to see a lot through the crowds.
Did you know Addie is amazing? She will build a block tower and then proudly stand up and announce, "I'm amazing." Then of course she will kick it over just like at soccer.

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ForresterMom said...

whoa! We knew how much we liked Addie, but now we know she is "amazing" we like her that much more!!