Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt

Today I took Addie and Edith to an Egg Hunt in Gilman Village. They advertised over 12000 eggs. Looking around there was definitely a lot of eggs. I felt Addie had an improved chance of getting more eggs than last year (one) because of a high egg density, a year older, and practicing bean bag hunting at home. She did actually get a few eggs (7) but was very timid with the crowd of people. I really encouraged her and people were nice enough to tell their kids not to pick up the ones near her. She got 7 eggs! Not bad for an event that took less than 5 minutes. She enjoyed her smarties and her pirate eye patch the best. Next year she can help fend off the bigger faster kids and help Edith get her first egg.
We had a second adventure today too. Addie was in her room for a time out and wasn't coming back out. I went to check on her and realized she had locked herself in! She was a little upset so I told her to read a book while we fixed the door. We don't have a key to open it so Brian tried lots of things: paper clip, bamboo skewer, inside of a pen. Finally he had to just take off the door knob. Addie was very relieved when she could see Dad through the hole as he was working. She was a good helper turning and pushing the knob as Dad instructed. Afterward she had lots of hugs and then a lesson on how to unlock the door.


ForresterMom said...

oooh an eye patch! yippee! That's a way better prize than some of the stuff they get. Poor Addie locked in her room! Jack would probably been happy about it! I bet Addie will hate time outs after this!

bess said...

Hurrah - Look at Addie in her alpaca wool shawl, She looks great! I do love seeing the girls having fun on this blog. Thank you for posting so often so we can see what you all are up to.