Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Name!

Today is the first day Edith has said her own name. Previously she has referred to herself as "you" or can say "I do it" or "I want." This evening she proudly pointed to herself and said Edie. Hooray!
She has developed some other amazing talents as well. One is that she is a little rascal about her hair. I constantly put up her hair so it is not in her face. She happily leaves it in as long as I am in the room. However, as soon as I leave the room out is comes.
The other thing she can do is find the duck in Usborne books. There is a little duck hidden on each page and Edith can find it and say duck. I was pretty impressed.


grandma b said...

Oh my goodness!! Little Edith is looking so grown up! Can't wait to see those girls again. Love you Addie and Edie!!

ForresterMom said...

okay, I had to take a double take because Edith looks just like a baby Addie in this picture. I don't normally get them confused but wow!