Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sisterly Love

Both girls are getting better and better at playing together every day. Finally. Now sometimes I can accomplish small task without having to referee every 10 seconds. Addie enjoys reading Edith books and helps her point to things in the I Spy books. Edith loves to whisper "Hi" and have Addie whisper it back to her over and over. Quite cute. Addie has also been helping get Edith dressed some days which all three of us find quite hilarious. Edith also says "I want Addie" over and over again if she feels Addie is not paying attention to her at dinner time. The two are becoming such a loving team. I do wonder what mischief they will enjoy together in a few years though.
Here Addie is making sure Edith has her sunscreen on. The top picture is what I call the "Earth and Moon dance." Edith is the earth spinning in a circle and Addie is the moon running around her in a nice orbit.


grandma b said...

Absolutely precious!!!

Adriana said...

It's wonderful that the sisters are getting along! It's so sweet. Lot's of Omari's friends have little brothers & sisters on the way. We're not quite ready yet.