Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Title

I am trying to take a picture a day for the entire year. So far I have not missed a day. I will be satisfied however if I make it through January There was a close call when Edith hid my camera in her bucket. I have taken a plethora of pictures. Here are a few featuring the girls antics.
Today Addie and Trekker became cowboy and cowgirls at school Here is a big yeehaw.
Edith thought it was hilarious when I would throw snow in the air. Then she took off her mittens to try it herself, so we had to go inside.

Addie's depiction of a whale. Oh and that blue splotch on the bottom is Grandma Gloria. Addie has started drawing things rather than just coloring. It is pretty cool. She makes awesome spiky flowers.

Edith really wanted to go outside. She went and found her coat and hat and mittens. We all laughed because you can't go out in the snow with a dress and naked legs. Eventually we suited her up and let her play.
Today's funny quotes
Addie "Grandma Gloria can turn people into mannequins."
Trekker: "When I am 91 I am going to push Edith..." long pause "on the swing.....the baby swing"


ForresterMom said...

Love the pictures! Good luck with your endeavor. I really liekd Addie's whale. She's a great artist. Grandma Gloria looked good to, although I don't really know if she has blue hair. Love that Edith wanted to go out in a dress. Oh and the cowboy pic is funny. Addie has a funny face. We miss that face. :)

grandma gloria said...

Love the pictures!!! How did Addie know that blue is my favorite color? And I wonder where the mannequin thing came from? Edith sounds like she is as determined as Addie was at that age!