Monday, June 15, 2009

Davis Farmland and The Butterfly Place

On Friday we headed out to Davis Farmland. It was a perfect day. The girls had a fabulous time. All of the baby animals run free. The girls had a great time feeding them. Addie liked any animal that was shorter than her. The baby alpaca was a little intimidating because it was slighter taller than Addie and had big, big eyes.
Edith really enjoyed milking the pretend cow. She probably would have sat underneath it the entire day. Addie's favorite part was the hayride, where we saw lots of exotic farm animals that were pastured. She also enjoyed the face painting station. Carefully adding all colored lines to her face and finally declaring she was a cat.

Saturday, we enjoyed a nice morning at the Butterfly Place, a small privately owned butterfly garden. Addie absolutely loved being among all the fluttering butterflies and discovering them all around her. Edith also enjoyed the butterflies, but was frustrated because under 3's were not allowed to roam free.

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