Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love and Marriage

This morning when Addie and Edith came to snuggle we had the following conversation.

Addie: "Edith and I are going to get married when we are bigger."

Me: Oh. Who are you going to marry?

Addie: Each other. Sometimes when the parents have two girls or two boys they marry each other. Like me and Edith, and Ross and Josh. Ross and Josh will get married when they are bigger. Me and Edith will get married.

Me: Dad and I don't have the same parents, why are we married?

Addie: Because you love each other. People get married because they love each other.

So I guess this was Addie's way of telling me she loves Edith. So sweet.


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Adriana said...

You have some great stories, Beth! I hope you're scrapbooking these. =) Or printing color pages of your blog and storing in a binder somewhere. Miss you!