Monday, May 17, 2010

Fashion Design

I was inspired by a blog I read (who was inspired by a blog she reads) to have Addie draw some clothes she would like to have and then make something. At first she just recreated her favorite shirt. It has grown too small and she is sad that she can't wear it anymore. After a few more drawings including Mary and Joseph costumes I finally found something I thought I could tackle. A gray skirt with purple ruffles along the bottom.

We went downstairs to look at the fabric stash. Addie picked out her favorite purple, but I didn't have any gray. So she picked out camouflage. I didn't think camoflauge matched with delicate purple flowers so I just used the back side which looks gray! I traced one of her skirts and improvised on a ruffle. An hour or so later she had a new skirt. Not too bad. No one was injured in its making either considering both girls were simultaneously trying to help me pin the ruffle on.

Addie was super excited grabbing it out of my hands and putting it on as soon as it was done. Perhaps tomorrow I can make something with Edith. And I do have to say sewing without a pattern is lots of fun. What a time saver to not have to do all that extra and exact cutting and marking.

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grandma b said...

This picture of Addie is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see all of you again!