Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Hike

Addie wanted to take another hike so we geared up and off we went. I was disappointed that the road to the Swamp Monster Trail was closed. So we drove back to the other entrance to Tiger Mountain. During our hike Addie kept wanting to find the tigers. Apparently they were all hiding that day. The most exciting thing we saw was a dog. Addie was a little disturbed by the giant mud pools even though she had her boots on. She wanted me to make sure her boots were cleaned off.

Addie has also been doing lots of Spice Art, an activity I created to use up spices that would be long past their "spicyness" before being used for cooking. Just use a glue stick (blue works best) on construction paper and sprinkle away for a multisensory treat.


AdrianaB said...

Spice Art! What a GREAT idea! I'm sure Addie loves it. Tell her Omari says hello!!

Sarah said...

what a cutie Edith is in the sling. can't wait to meet her in May. Trekker is counting the days down only 30 more to go.

ForresterMom said...

Spice art...yummy! We will definately try this one! We are NOT counting the days..we are pretending they don't exist!

Sarah said...

We tried the spice art this week on the really rainy days. Huge hit, and I passed the idea on to the moms in the mommy's group. :)
We used elmers glue, and a brownie pan with the paper in the bottom to keep the mess under control.