Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well this week Edith had her first food, applesauce. She seemed to really like it. Addie also enjoyed demonstrating to Edith how to eat it too. It has been pretty hectic so we have only given it to her once.

This evening as Edith was settling to go to sleep she rolled over. It was so fun to watch. I caught her doing it and then Brian came to watch. He said she did it again and then fell fast asleep exhausted. Oh, the simple life to be a baby. I am really excited because she hasn't really been trying to roll over so it came as such a surprise.


bess said...

Hurrah Edith on tasting your first "solid" food! Lots of new flavor adventures to explore, but I'm sure your favorite will remain momma's milk for many months to come. :} And rolling over... that can sure make a girl tired. I like to fall back to sleep myself whenever I do it. ~bess ;}

ForresterMom said...

I love the video of Edith. It sounds like she's saying yum. She sounds like Addie too! Hooray for rolling over!