Thursday, September 25, 2008


Addie does not like having her hair brushed. How I convince her to allow me to brush it is simple: I say I am the hairdresser and talk in a funny hairdresser voice and call her "dearie". (Same trick for teeth brushing with a special dentist chair (pillow) and dentist voice) Well today the hairdresser was instructed that Addie needed to wear all of her barrettes. I thought she might run out of head space, but the hairdresser is quite talented in squeezing them all in. She was the talk of the playgroup with her fancy do. she even took her nap with them all in. It wasn't until evening that she complained that they were uncomfortable. Impressive.
We can't forget the little one. Here she is being tired but refusing to sleep. She might miss something interesting after all.

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Adriana said...

I miss you guys! I love Addie's do and your story about how you convince her to get her hair brushed. Love it! I can't believe that Edith is already dancing and signing and almost walking. Where did the time go?