Friday, September 19, 2008

Roller Skating

I had heard about the local roller rink's stroller skating on Thursday mornings. It sounded like fun so away we went. We went inside and there was not another person there. I decided that was okay and the guy working there started up the music and got us our skates. We enjoyed having the place entirely to ourselves after overcoming the initial eeriness of the situation. I figured we wouldn't have to worry about any crashes with other people this way. Addie fell numerous times and refused to let go of my hand. Then the skate guy brought over some other skates. These were fantastic as the wheels were tightened so that they barely rolled at all. Addie could happily walk around without any more falls. She enjoyed pushing Edith around and watching her imaginary friend Caroline skate. Edith loved dancing to the music and having me push her in the stroller really fast. I had a really fun time. I hadn't roller skating in many years and it was a blast. Even better, when I went to pay as we left I was informed there was no charge. Maybe we'll bring a friend next time.
Addie was really sweet when I was taking pictures of her. She wanted to make sure there was a picture of Mom roller skating too. So here is the most flattering picture she took of me.


grandma b said...

Nice picture of your legs!! Looks like a fun time. I didn't even realize that there are any roller rinks anymore. I thought they had gone the way of the dinosaur.

ForresterMom said...

Can we come? We'd have a blast! And, yeah, that would be kinda creepy at first...Oh and the funny thing is, Jack has an imaginary friend named Benjamin!

Adriana said...

How fun! Can't believe Addie is already roller-skating. She's growing up so fast. I think I was 5 or 6 when I learned. Hope you get to go again and bring friends with you. Give Addie my love!