Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Growing and growing

Little Edith is now 11 months old. Only a few more weeks until she hits the big 1. Well she has gone from mellow and agreeable to very opinionated. She has mastered the art of the forceful no head shake if she does not want something. Today she had a very successful tug of war with Trekker over his shoes. She has mastered a few signs (more, all done) but only uses them sporadically. She takes 1 to 3 steps at a time so I imagine she will be full out walking very soon. She also loves climbing. It is hard to carry her up the stairs because she does a special eel move to get me to put her down so she can crawl up herself. Watch out, Edith is on the move and she is after your shoes (or your crayons or your papers or your socks, etc).
These pictures were taken at her Grampa's birthday party last week.


Amy said...

what a doll! love the pink dress and hair ribbon. we miss you guys! we should have all the kids chat on a tuesday morning with the web cam one of these days. that would be hilarious!

Adriana said...

Almost 1 yr? No way! Beautiful picture/dress. They sure learn that "no" head shake quick, huh? Omari still doesn't shake "yes"! Ha, ha.