Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting Early

Well Addie doesn't go to school yet, but she has already started faking sick. Yesterday she says, "I have the coughs" and then coughs pathetically three times. "Can I watch a movie?" She cracks me up. Addie doesn't watch TV or movies regularly, but we usually put a movie on for her when she is sick. I guess maybe we could let her watch a movie when she is well as well.

The Butler birthday bonanza has started as well. I enjoyed and am still enjoying 3 cakes and a batch of cookies that I got for my birthday. They should be finished off by Tuesday which is Edith's big day. Next comes Halloween and then Addie's birthday. Our sugar rush should last us until at least Thanksgiving.


Nessa said...

You all sure did pack the birthdays in there. Poor Brian, all alone in spring.

ForresterMom said...

What happens when you go off your sugar high? YIKES!! :) If we were there we'd help you eat that cake.