Monday, February 2, 2009

Hard Work Pays Off

Addie has been working very hard with Daddy on making a Lite Brite picture. At first it was very difficult for her, but now she is a pro at matching the colors with the letters and pushing the pegs in. This project took a few weeks to complete. One section each evening before bedtime.

I love Addie's grin of accomplishment. Look at what hard work and patience can create.


grandma b said...

I see that they corrected the part that I messed up! How was I to know that P stands for "Pink" -- not "Purple!" :)
Mr. Potato Head looks great! Good work Addie!

Adriana said...

Addie, is amazing! This brought back SO many memories. I used to own a Lite Brite and had no idea they still made them! I assume this has to wait for bedtime so that Edith doesn't grab the pieces!

Please tell Addie I say hello & that I love her. Omari sends a kiss!