Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Sillies

We took Addie skiing. Hurrah. We met Brian's family at Okemo in VT and had a great time. Here is the little one with Aunt Casey. She absolutely loves her Aunt. Casey was fabulous teaching Addie especially since she is a beginner skier herself. Next year Edith will get to go too.

So I uploaded my pictures today and had a few laughs. Apparently February has had some interesting moments or I am tired of photographing cute and instead choose reality.

First is one of my favorites. The girls were having a great time snuggling, giggling, and sharing a snack. Note the messy faces. The funny thing about it is that they were having so much fun because they were sitting on the garbage. They thought it was a fabulous seat (beanbag like I suppose). Nothing beats sharing snacks on the garbage.

This beauty is a failed preschool project. I had found the idea of letting the kids play with cooked noodles and sticking them together with colored glue. I was impressed that I had the foresight to cook the noodles ahead of time and was ready for some tactile fun. Well Trekker didn't want to touch the noodles, much less dip them in sticky glue. I finally convinced him to use a paintbrush to paint the noodles with the glue but after a minute he asked to wash his hands and do something else. Addie was slightly more impressed, but apparently could not get creative because I had used two sizes of noodles (angel hair and fettecine). She sorted her noodles out by size and then because Trekker had wandered off decided she was done too. So much for tactile fun.
On the up side Addie loved the snow and water experiment. I filled up one cup with water and one with snow. We kept checking water levels throughout the day. It was very exciting for both of us to see how small the snow became. Hurrah for science!

And here is Edith. She has decided that clothes are no fun. When I change her she runs away, streaking throughout the house. She giggles and laughs while I chase her. Of course she throws a fit when I catch her and dress her. Here is the little rascal.

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Nessa said...

edith is turning into aevryn's twin. both in appearance (wow!) and in bahavior. A is naked right now. has been since about 3p... upside is we're almost completely day potty trained.