Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am always impressed by Addie's amazing powers of observation. I am going to share two recent examples. First, we were heading into a restaurant and Addie pointed out a hanging tree. She was very excited about the hanging tree. None of the rest of us would have even noticed because we were so busy with shuttling everybody inside.

Today we went to the library and I got out Country Mouse Town Mouse by Jan Brett. When I got it out to read Addie says "This is the armadillo book." This only makes sense if you know that we have previously gotten out another book by Jan Brett that stars an armadillo. Addie immediately recognized the style of the drawings. Wow. Even more amazing is that we got out the armadillo book back when we were living in Issaquah over 9 months ago. Double Wow!

On the Edith front she is quite excited about the new shoes that she picked out. She grabbed a pair of Trekker's old work boots (size 8) and absolutely loves them. I had to hide them because it is probably not so good to wear shoes 2 sizes too big. She also now has Trekker's old leather jacket. She looks pretty cool in it. Here she is sweeping up the driveway with the shop broom.

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Adriana said...

Addie is amazing! Omari surprises me sometimes, too, but not anything as complex as what Addie's noticed. She's going to be bright like her Mom and Dad. Edith looks great in her jacket!