Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy Camels and a "New" Toy

Saturday morning we visited Overlook Farm in Rutland for a pancake breakfast fundraiser. They had the most delicious sausage made from their grass fed animals. This is a farm run by Heifer Project to demonstrate what it is like to live in some of the various parts of the world that they serve. There is lots of livestock and several houses. Addie thought the bamboo house from Thailand was a playground.

One of the highlights for Addie was that her Sunday school teacher also went. She liked the animals alright, but continually asked, "Where is Mrs. Chaplis?" Addie is definitely a people person. Edith enjoyed getting to pet the baby goats, one only 4 days old. We all enjoyed watching the rather silly camel. He was standing by his fence and just wagged his whole neck and head back and forth repeatedly. He continued doing this for the entire time we were observing him.

We also visited the Sugar Shack to see the maple syrup being boiled. We all listened to the talk about the whole process. The volunteer asked if there were any questions. Addie wondered, "Why is the floor gravel?" The two student volunteers were stumped. I guess that was outside their expertise of maple syrup information.

Addie and Edith have a "new" toy. It seems that they have discovered Mabel. They take her for walks around the house together. Luckily we have two leashes so they each can hold one. Edith really enjoys feed her as well. I think Mabel is still undecided on all this attention. On one side it is nice to actually get attention and be played with, but it isn't always fun to be dragged around all day.

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ForresterMom said...

Aww Mabel....I miss her too. Love the look on her face! LOL!